Days 3 and 4 —Neels!

Day 3
March 21, 2019
Bush camp—Henry Gap, mile 24.7

I’m just past Lance Creek on the way to Blood Mountain. Lance Creek is the “traditional” night 3 stop, and it’s where I stayed the last time. So… I made it past that, and this time my 3 days also included the Approach Trail! I’m so stoked!

It rained a bit today. It’s super windy here at this flat spot between mountains, but it’s home.

I’m not in love with my tent. Big Agnes really dropped the ball with this model. It’s fussy, it takes a lot of stakes, and it’s hard to get a good pitch. The fly touched the netting in places, which makes it pretty much a single-wall tent, but without any of the advantages. I’ll probably just suck it up, rather than dump a big chunk of my budget on a new tent. Maybe we’ll grow on each other. 😁

Day 4
March 22, 2019
Neels Gap Hostel

Well. Neels Gap! It was a frigid, blustery night—steady 20 mph winds, and gust up to 40. ‘Some people,’ I thought, ‘were unhappy last night.’

True story. People were very, very cold. Some people.

Blood Mountain! There was frost. My water got a few stray ice crystals. But good hiking, and I got to the top of Blood at 9:30 and was at Neels at 11:30.

I picked up my resupply and decided to nero at the hostel to see if I could wrangle things into better shape. Oh, and my headlamp bit the dust, so I needed a new one. All done.

This place is a big party. Beer, beer. And weed. That’s the part of thru-hiking culture I hate. But hopefully I’ll outpace the party zone. And I’ll try to avoid the hostels unless I can tent.

Met hikers from Pittsburgh, Florida, New York, Tennessee. Oh, and a psychiatrist from England. On the PCT (in 2016, anyway), there was a much larger percentage of non-US hikers. Funny how the different trails have such different cultures. (Always the party section, though.)

It’s good to be out here. I’m so grateful.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

4 thoughts on “Days 3 and 4 —Neels!”

  1. A most excellent start! We are following….I always thought an umbrella would be an extra wall of privacy to pee but nothing can stop the army. Praying easy trails… Beth

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  2. What tent are you using? I switched to the BA Tiger Wall. Still not sure about it, but the milk has been spilled so I’m stuck with it. Last year the weather pushed the party mob off the trail. The never made it to our area.


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