Day… 5? Lost and found

Day… 5? (It’s amazing how quickly you lose track of minutia like what day it is)Saturday, March 24, 2019
Bushcamp—Chattahoochee Gap, mile 47.8

Badd(ish) news first. In my general purge and sping cleaning yesterday, I seem to have thrown out the bag with my guidebook pages, my registration tag, and my Smokies permit. So irritating! It’s no big deal, really. I have new guidebook pages coming in my next resupply, and if necessary I can just get another Smokies permit. And I don’t know my starting number now, because I didn’t expect to lose the tag. I think it was 1158. Just… yuck. A long trail will whittle away at any hint of control-freakiness and just strip you down to bone, one lost item at a time.

It’s fine, though.

I was traipsing along at lunchtime and smelled campfire. “Oooh,” I thought. “Somebody bushcamped back there last night, and I bet there’s a fire ring and some nice rocks to sit on!” And… there were. But the fire was still smoking. Somebody last night (or this morning) walked away from a smoldering fire in the middle of a dry forest (made of wood, yo!), when it’s been crazy windy the last few days. I was flabbergasted.

The next water source wad only 2 miles away, so I used my trowel and my last liter of water to put the thing out. And I told the next southbound hiker about it.

Turned out the next water was actuslly 3 miles. But it was fine. All fine!

I did 16.5 miles today. And I feel great! My feet are tender but not destroyed like last time. No chafing, blisters, aches, pains. No real breath issues, either. I get out of breath, but not gasping-fish out of breath.

So, there it is. All fine! 😁

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

4 thoughts on “Day… 5? Lost and found”

  1. FYI … Day 5 … you got the Day right … like Saturday … but you flipped a digit on the Date … which was the 23rd … took me a minute to figure out the unexplained Zero in Neels Gap … but “All’s Fine” … and 16.5 miles … that’s SUPERFINE!

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