Smokies! Smokies!

Thirsday, April 2
Heading into the Smokies tomorrow morning. Looks like it’s going to be a wet week up there! So it goes. Wish I could plow through a little faster, but the rules are the rules. (I think I even have to do one 7-mile day in the middle. Which, yikes.)

Lots of hikers here, including Dan from the Approach Trail. Also Radar and Nibbles, whom I’ve been leapfrogging with. Lots if nice conversations.

No cell service in the Smokies. See you in a week or so!

Days 13 and 14–I think. Fontana.

Day 13
Bush camp—mile 151.2

Last night was rough. High, gusting winds (which sound like locomotives in the mountains) and drenching rain. And cold. Tonight? Temp down to 24, wind gusts to 20 mph… and maybe rain. I’m ready for the cold snap (I have a 5-degree sleeping bag, among othet gear), but a lot of folks aren’t. They’re getting off trail for a couple of days. I need to get to Fontana tomorrow, then I’m zeroing there on Tuesday.

Hiked in snow and driving, blustery wind this morning, climbing the monstrous climb to Cheoh Bald at 5000 feet. It may have been pretty, but we were inside a cloud.

Day… oh, who knows? lol
Tuesday, April 2
Fontana Lodge

I think I’m going to give up numbering the days. The dates are more relevant at the moment. And easier to remember because I have a watch!

Got into Fontana last night. I’ll be shaking down geat for the Smokeys, and just staying off my feet today. Two weeks to the Smokeys is the faster side of average. I’m happy about that!

Fontana Lake was beautiful on the long hike down. Slivers of pure sapphire between the trees.

I’m starting to see some tiny wildflowers. Saw my first trillium yesterday, not quite in bloom!