Smokies —Days 1 and 2

Smokies Night 1
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Mollie’s Ridge Shelter—mile 177.7

Good first day. Late start (had to wait for the shuttle). Fontana Lake was magnificent! I think it was a cloudy mess of white last time.

The shelter is full, so we can tent. My first time tenting in the Smokes! I’m trying to do things differently where I can.

Rain’s supposed to start tomorrow and last for a week. This should be interesting! 😀

Smokies Night 2
Thursday, April 4, 2019
Derrick Knob Shelter—mile 189.8

Rough day, for the low mileage. I think I psyched myself out. It was only 12 miles, right? Ha! It was all uphill, to over 5000 feet. Including a mountain called, I think, Thundertop. Which I decided was really Thunderdome. 😀

Weather’s finally changing. It was crazy blustery all day, but now the sky is metal. Rain coming, tonight or tomorrow. And tomorrow… Clingman’s Dome, and 200 miles.