Guess where I am…

BOOM! 17.6 miles today (longest yet, this trip) and got into Hot Springs on Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning. Grabbed a bunk at the hostel. Ate a cow. Doing laundry.

Zero here in Hot Springs tomorrow. Errands. Boxes.

More to come…

Hot Springs, baby!


Smokies, Night 3Friday, April 5

Mt Collins shelter—mile 202.8

Today was the sort of day tht drives people off trail—but I can’t help feeling happy. Wet, cold, and tired, but really grateful to be here, now.

I missed the 200 mark on the ground. Oh, well! No complete set this time!

Noreaster last night. Crazy wind, and everybody got soaked.
Packed up a soaking wet tent in the rain. Didn’t get on trail (sopping wet and cold) until 9.
It poured all morning. The trail was a river of shoe-sucking mud all day. Very slippery, and I landed on my butt more than once.
Went past Clingman’s Dome. Totally fogged in. Clingman’s 2, Karma 0.
Got to camp very late for me—lke 7 PM. I could have quit at 2:30, but I didn’t!
I’m SO tired. 😁

Mile 218.2
Peck’s Corner Shelter (Smokies)
Saturday, April 6

Good day. (Beth and Bernie, if you see this, I got to Newfound Gap today and thought of you!)

There was a church group doing trail magic (ie, feeding hikers) at Newfound, so I had a delicious Sprite and an oatmeal cookie thing.

Weather was good. Walking happened. 😀

Oh! And somebody made a 200 at mile 205. I’ll take it!


Max Patch!

Mile 257.0—Roaring Fork ShelterTuesday, April 9

Ohmygod, it poured last night. I packed up in a driving rain, and it rained all morning. The sun cracked at about noon, I spread out in the leaves to dry things (hiker trash laundromat, lol), and the sky was gorgeous for Max Patch at around 3.

I’m at the shelter after Max Patch. The usual suspects are here: Berky, Trotter, Strider, Fern, Unicorn, Jayrock. Only one guy, and none of the young guys. My theory is that they all zeroed at Standing Bear to get a good Max Patch day tomorrow, when the weather is supposed to be excellent. Or maybe they’re up there now.

Me, I’m pushing toward Hot Springs. I hope to get there early Thirsday morning for a nero. I reserved a room in town for Thursday night. Food!! 😀

For what it’s worth, Friday is the day I pass myself. I was in Hot Springs on April 12 in ‘13, and I’ll be there on April 12 this year.