Smokies, Night 3Friday, April 5

Mt Collins shelter—mile 202.8

Today was the sort of day tht drives people off trail—but I can’t help feeling happy. Wet, cold, and tired, but really grateful to be here, now.

I missed the 200 mark on the ground. Oh, well! No complete set this time!

Noreaster last night. Crazy wind, and everybody got soaked.
Packed up a soaking wet tent in the rain. Didn’t get on trail (sopping wet and cold) until 9.
It poured all morning. The trail was a river of shoe-sucking mud all day. Very slippery, and I landed on my butt more than once.
Went past Clingman’s Dome. Totally fogged in. Clingman’s 2, Karma 0.
Got to camp very late for me—lke 7 PM. I could have quit at 2:30, but I didn’t!
I’m SO tired. 😁

Mile 218.2
Peck’s Corner Shelter (Smokies)
Saturday, April 6

Good day. (Beth and Bernie, if you see this, I got to Newfound Gap today and thought of you!)

There was a church group doing trail magic (ie, feeding hikers) at Newfound, so I had a delicious Sprite and an oatmeal cookie thing.

Weather was good. Walking happened. 😀

Oh! And somebody made a 200 at mile 205. I’ll take it!


Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

3 thoughts on “Clingman’s”

  1. You’re flying baby!! So happy you got trail magic at the Gap! If I recall the Smokies tried and failed to kill you ladt time.. Still tagging along.


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