Wet and wild

Mile 316.1—Bush camp at Rice Gap (10.6 miles)Sunday, April 14

No way to sugarcoat it: Today sucked. Not just for me. For everybody.

It’s been overcast and drizzly for the last two days. Then last night, it broke out into horrific wind and pouring rain. I popped a tent stake, waited until dawn (late for me), then packed up wet.

The wind was terrible all morning. Loud as a constant train, ripping at my pack cover. Then around noon the rain broke out, too. It was 55 degrees. I made it about 3 hours. When I decided I was getting too chilly, I found a flat spot and set up in the driving rain. I ate food and got into my sleeping bag. But now the rain’s stopped and the wind’s whipping hard down this gap again, and I’m just lying here hoping the stakes hold and the pole doesn’t break.

I hate today.

In other news… jeep update! There was a drivers license on the ground near the jeep. Also, two hikers saw the man and woman walking away down a side road. If anybody feels like looking into it, I’m dying to know how they’re getting that car off the trail! It was between Hot Springs and Erwin, at around mile 301, just after the ‘bad weathet bypass.’

Wind wind wind wind. Tomorrow morning I’ll have a sodden nightmare of a mess to deal with. Even my pack is soaked—it’s out in the vestibule.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

3 thoughts on “Wet and wild”

  1. Your big Saturday night/Sunday storm front … major front from the Gulf to New England. I’m a big fan of the Masters Golf Tournament. In anticipation of this storm, they started Sunday’s final round at 7:30 am / converted twosomes into threesomes / started on both the 1st & 10th tees / all because of your storm … and Tiger Woods won. Sadly, I never gave you a thought as I watched the front move east … shame on me!

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  2. Just finished the first patrol with the Shenandoah ridgerunner. All rain but one day. Hoping we don’t have the same amount as last year’s perpetual rain year. Told her about you. She hopes to cross paths.

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