Snowy balds!

Mile 333.0—Bush camp [16.9 miles]
Monday, April 15

Rain and wind all night! And this morning… snow. Honestly, aside from the fact that cold is my kryptonite, I hate the wind. And this was a sustained 20 mph, with 40 mph gusts.

On the way to the big climb (Big and Little Balds), I kept seeing these trees with beautiful white flowers. Then I realized it was ice. 😀 My disgusting drenched socks from yesterday froze. Also, my snot bandanna froze like an origami swan. Origami of snot, except all the snot washed out in yesterday’s downpour.

The balds were ethereal and amazing. The frigid wind, though, kept blowing me off course.

Tomorrow I pick up a resupply at Uncle Johnny’s hostel, sent by my brother, who is also an Uncle Johnny. 😀 The hostel has a reputation for being a party place and a bit of an armpit, so I want to get there early enough in the day to get in and get out. That means I have to crank out 11 miles in the morning. Hrm.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

4 thoughts on “Snowy balds!”

  1. 16.9 miles … you’re cruzin! So far in ‘19, you’ve had 7 15+ mile days .. in ‘13, it was 000! Spivey Gap – Day 28 versus Day 45. I’ve got a few trips back east coming up … trying to anticipate where you might be on the Trail so I can bring you a cup of coffee … I’d better get a move on. Javelin

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  2. Karma!!!!!! Ur killin’ it! Well done! I’ve finally sorted out my crap enough to catch up on your journey. Sounds very AT ish. Cold. Rainy. Windy. It is Deja Vu from this side. Reading your voice again. Really nice to hear it. I miss you K. I’m up at Crabtree Falls. (Not literally) I will be starting down again soon. Landi is in SA. House looks sold. I have some unique physical bullshit to deal with. But that’s what 68 gets me. We are like 500 miles apart, but I will time it out to see you. I’ll have my car and we’ll EAT!!! Promise.

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