Magic mountain is still magic

Mile 365.9—Bush camp [17.4 miles]
Wednesday, April 17

Tomorrow ends month 1. Assuming I can manage 15 (maybe not, because tomorrow has all the Roan Mountain stuff, 6000+ feet), and including the 8 miles of the Approach Trail, that would put me at just over 97 miles per week. Not bad for Georgia and the Smokies, but not supersonic.

Trail magic first thing this morning! Coffee and banana bread, courtesy Brother Tom. Thanks, Brother Tom! 😀

The coffee supercharged me all the way up Unaka Mountain, which was still a magical place. It feels silent and sacred up there. Numinous.

What else? A lot of walking, lol. I kind of got hypnotized by it. I was going to stop at 16.8, when I realized another couple of tenths would get me to 17. Oh! I think this is my longest day! The only problem is, it’s bedtime already!

I’m trying to come up with some ways to trim a half-hour from my morning routine. It’s been taking me an abysmal 1.5 hours to get on trail. That 0.5 could be one more mile.

That’s it! I got nothin’.

Wind’s picking up. Hrm.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

6 thoughts on “Magic mountain is still magic”

  1. Loved the memorial tree photo … tried to read the sign by zooming in, but … so you gave me a CLOSE-UP! (treat yourself to a manicure at the next town) … your longest Day was 17.9 going into Hot Springs … when you cross US19 in Roan Mountain, wave to my good friends Jim & Patsy Schang who live just up the road a pace … Javelin

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  2. 17 miles. Up and down mountains with a full pack. You are amazing K! I’m still up north. Treading water until I can get back on the trail. I often think of that 20 we did. 20 Boom! And the Swedish Fish. Feels like a lifetime ago. Go Karma!!! I’m on my way, eventually. You can give me a list…I will deliver!!!

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