Mile 413.6–Moreland Gap Shelter [18.4 miles]Sunday, April 21 [Easter]

Happy Easter, yo!

Grim, gray day… but no rain! Lots of squelchy squishy squashy mud, thick and black, and lots of pools of standing water. And lots of waterfalls!

A couple of times the sun tried to poke out. It didn’t quite make it, but tomorrow’s supposed to be 75 and sunny. Woohoo! We have survived the miasma!

The shelter is freaking crowded with tents. I’m stuck in this bubble, now that we all got bottlenecked at Roan Mountain. I should have gone farther to get out of it, but I was spent. And I made sure to camp in a place where I wouldn’t disturb the shelter when I snuck out. But the tents descended all around me, too freaking close. One of the hikers just popped one of my guylines. This is the same group that hung the bear bag over my tent. But I’m done apologizing in advance for leaving early! Tomorrow I’ll try to avoid the shelters. I have time now. I booked a room for Thursday and Friday nights in Damascus. It’s just a question of what timr on Thursday I’ll get there.

Oh! And 400! Hit 400 miles today.

Happy Easter!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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