Happy birthday, Shakespeare! Happy death day, Shakespeare!

Mile 444.4—Iron Mountain Shelter [16 miles]
Tuesday, April 23

So. Today I:
• Fell in a fetid soupy swamp, up to my knees
• Just plain fell—the usual type: stub your toe on an invisible rock or root or stump, and go flying; no harm done
• Walked a bunch of miles
• Forgot to take pictures. So have a picture of the reroute instructions I was trying to figure out by headlamp at 6 AM. (The lake flooded out the trail.) When I come across written instructions, I always snap a pic. This exact same reroute happened in 2013—and I think the dunking, too.

Kind of a low-energy day. Not just me—pretty much everybody I saw today, including the 15 or so tenting at this shelter. All older guys. It was the hottest day on trail so far, and after the cold snap last week (snow!), it may just be bodies adjusting.

No Big Crew here, btw. Or not yet, anyway. I may have escaped their orbit.

It’s shelter to shelter at the moment. It’s the only thing that makes sense for getting into Damascus.