So, while I’m all chest-beating about my 20.8, it turns out the cool kids were all doing 25, 27.5. 😆 And my critical brain is all beating me up because they’re also hiking out tonight (in the rain), not zeroing tomorrow (so: “i suck i suck i suck”). As though this group is the last group to come through Damascus, and I’m the caboose!

Then my other brain gently points out that (1) I’ve moved up about 400 numbers in line, (2) there are PLENTY of hikers behind me, (3) town always shuffles the deck, and (4) half of these hikers will quit in Virginia. Plus, after the scare on the Humps, I want good weather on Mt Rogers and for the ponies. (The weather was abysmal last time, which is why the ponies stayed hidden. In fact, it was Hump weather—hiking in ankle-deep water while the blasting wind blew my pack cover clean off.)

I made some gear adjustments:
• Sent home my pants. I picked up some lightweight tights to wear under my wind pants if it gets cold again, and up north. I also have rain pants. Saves me probably 5 ounces.
• Sent home my long-sleeve shirt, which is huge on me (and thus heavier and bulkier than necessary). Picked up a short-sleeve sleep shirt, and I’ll use my old sleep shirt (long sleeve) to hike in, if necessary. Saves probably 3 or 4 ounces.
• Sent home some ‘nice to have’ and ‘just in case’ stuff. Some of it was helpful, but I need to trim trim trim.
• Got my 3-ounce bug pants in my resupply, along with fresh shoes and socks.
• Relplaced one pair of heavier socks with lighter-weight ones. (I wear double socks.) The heavier ones were old and too thick. They wouldn’t dry.
• Sent home my ‘town’ socks. I was only keeping them until it was warm enough to wear just flip-flops.

I decided to keep the flip-flops. I need to rig a way to hang them on my pack. (It’s a 50 liter, and the 10-degree bag fills it. Bulk is my big issue.)

If I’m feeling brave, I’m going to sew a couple of zipties to the hem of my rainfly so I can guy it out in that one place where the design is deficient and the fly sags into the tent wall. I wanted some kind of tiny grommet, but I think I can work with the zipties. Or maybe some little loops of cord, but that’s a fussier solution. I’ll decide tomorrow.

Got my new shoes to replace my old holey ones! Thank you, shoes that were beat a hundred miles ago! (Yes, those shoes in the pic all started out exactly the same.)

The laundromat here, like the one in Hot Springs, has closed.

I put half my resupply into the hiker box and bought a bunch of cookies. And peanut butter, which I spoon right out of the jar at about 500 calories a pop. Oh… there’s no scale here, but I don’t think I’ve lost more than a pound or two, based on how my pants are fitting. My shorts are a bit too loose, but I decided I can live with it. I’m not anticipating any more “big” weight loss.

And that’s it, I think! I’m one-quarter finished. Saturday starts a new hike—a hike that consists entirely of Virginia. (After the southern PCT, the length of Virginia doesn’t bother me even a little, lol.)

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

6 thoughts on “Shoesies!”

  1. This is your journey, no one else. Don’t even consider beating yourself up over your place in the universe. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment in time. You are the heroine in your story. Happy trails.

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  2. Beating yourself up!!!! I sometimes don’t get up to PEE because it’s too much effort! It’s really amazing to compare the trips. This seems so different from last time. How fantastic that you are revisiting and re-seeing all of this!

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  3. Karma!!! Probably MORE than half of those people will quit!!! You are in. It’s ok to enjoy the 20.8 for more than one day, but I get it. You are doing AMAZING! Beating the elements. The ponies are going to be great. It still amazes me how important the stuff is until you carry it a while. It seems so important before the wind and the rain hit. Sounds like you are making good gear decisions. Go Linda!!!

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