Hellooo, Virginia!

Mile 488.0—Bush camp [17.3 miles]
Saturday, April 27

Virginia was kind today! It was 44 and foggy when I ghosted out of Damascus by headlamp, but it warmed up enough to switch to shorts.

Hiking in tights feels weird. On the other hand, they’re either marginally warmer than, just as warm as, or marginally less warm than the pants I sent home. I like them. They’re definitely lighter.

The trail alternated between magic secret lagoon and high airy pine forest. Lots of flat bits, lots of bikes on the Virginia Creeper Trail on a warm sunny Saturday in April.

What even is a weekend? What even is a day?

Sometimes I pass one of my old campsites and it takes me right back. I passed one today; I guess it must have been my first site out of Damascus. A flat spot above a still pool (“stagnant pond” per Guthooks). I slept well there, if I recall correctly, and whined about my heavy food carry. But the spot’s gone now—choked with downed trees and deadfall. It’s a weird feeling, to have both images right there at the same time. I hope that flat perfect spot stll exists in some subtle fold of time.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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