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Field and stream

Mile 555.0—Bush camp [prefab] [14.0 miles]
Thursday, May 2

Pasture time!

Walked a lot. Had breakfast at the Barn with a bunch of hikers—Thunderpee, Hufflepuff, others. It was good.

Heard some roosters.

Picked up my resupply at Relax Inn. I’m happy to report it’s still a scary dump. If I ever decide to do this again, there’s no reason to ship there. They used to be the only option, but now there are a couple of little hostels just 10 miles farther that also take packages. Little hostels are everywhere now.

Walked a bunch more, in the hot hot heat. Got my tent pitched exactly as the rain started. I’m closer to the trail than I like, but it was the first established spot for miles (because Virginia is like that), and in about another mile there’s a 3-mile no-camping zone. With 6 days of food in my pack, I didn’t have 4 more miles in me!

My puffy is losing feathers like crazy. It’s terrible, how I’m treating it. Arcteryx should sue me. Thru-hiking is super hard on gear. And I really really love this puffy!

Somebody said the trail is 2192 miles this year.