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Mile 618.1—Wapiti Shelter [16.2 miles]
Monday, May 6

At Wapiti Shelter. Guess who’s here? The Crew. From now on, I’m calling them Ding Dong’s crew. She’s an amazingly sweet young German who’s hiking with her dad, Reset. I like them both a lot. There’s only one person in the crew who’s been responsible for all the douchebaggery. So… we’ll just ignore him. Besides, I think they’ll be a day ahead by Wednesday, when I’ll be in Pearisburg.

Guess who’s with them? Birkie! Haven’t seen her since Hot Springs.

Man… I’m really getting sick of the bubble. Every shelter feels like the high school cafeteria. So many people! During the day, it’s hard to find a quiet spot to take a pee. And there was no good camping spot before the shelter, so here we be. 😐. I don’t know a lot of these hikers. Cookie Monster. Screaming Goat. I did hear that Spruce Lee and Shitaki are around—that they got noro and apparently damaged their tent, or something.

Anyhoo. Trail was good. Day was warm and sunny. Ate a burger at Trent’s. Saw a snake. Walked a bunch of miles. Saw a trail sign instead of a white blaze. What is this, the PCT/CDT? 😀

Tomorrow: Try to get back to waking up early. Walk a bunch of miles.