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Windy and wild, and remember when…

Mile 650.3—Guthooks site [13.3 miles]
Thursday, May 9

Some days I really feel my age out here. Today was one of them. Stopped a bit early, on impulse. I’m stll on target to nero in Daleville in a week. It’s funny; I had trouble with this ridge last time, too, because of the heavy food carry and the 13-mile waterless stretch (so also a heavy water carry). I’m camped ironically close to the exact rock where I slipped, fell on my ass, and crushed my favorite piece of gear. 😆

The trail signage, Awol, and Guthooks are discrepant here—and I’m pretty sure it’s the trail signage that’s incorrect. By 1.5 miles.

The Trail in Virginia is so pretty, in so many different ways. I feel grateful and blessed to be able to be out here again.

It’s been crazy windy all day—hot and cold and hot. The weather’s changing. The next stretch is supposed to be a wet one. Embrace the suck! 😁

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

One thought on “Windy and wild, and remember when…”

  1. Frankenpee! My favorite all-time favorite of your subjects. Hope that thing is in the AT Museum. If not, it ought to be. I told that story at the AT Flop Flop Festival last week. The woman teaching “health” brought three different brands. I asked the question about what happens if you fall and break one… The rest of the story is history.

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