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Dragons’ teeth

Mile 692.5—Campsite near Audie Murphy Memorial
Sunday, May 12

Mile 710.9—Johns Spring Shelter
Monday, May 13

So, you guys! You guys! I did this amazing thing! And… it turns out it was all for nothing, because I can only go nine miles tomorrow. NINE. Bleck. Too funny.

OK, so last night I made it to the spur trail to the memorial and camped. It had been raining for two miserable days. The tent was soaked. But the evening sun was out, although there ws a chance of rain overnight. I was all done my chores, and I was in my sleeping bag, and I whipped out my AT Guide pages to get an overview of the next day, like I do, and… shit. Because of the camping restriction, I was going to have to do 18.4 miles. But holy shit… that 18.4 included Dragon’s Tooth.

When I started this hike, there were only three places I was terrified about: Katahdin, the north side of Mousilake, and Dragon’s Tooth. And it rained again last night, so I was basically an anxious wreck about it.

The good news: Dragon’s Tooth wasn’t that scary. 🙂 I’ve done a lot worse at this point. And I got my 18! But it was a slow, painful, treacherous day. Also, the trail was dead all day. Where are the hikers?

And… I just pulled out my pages, and guess what? I can only do 9 tomorrow, because of the restriction! I’m trying to appease myself by saying it’s two 14-milers/

Nine miles. What the hell will I do all afternoon? 😆

Oh! Salamanders, +1. And a snail!

OH! And…700, baybee! 700 miles. Not even a third.

Oh, listen. It’s raining. It was SUPER windy today. The leaves were blowing straight sideways!

Tomorrow: McAfee’s Knob. And… 9 miles. Oy vey.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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