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Mile 720.3—Lamberts Meadow Campground
Tuesday, May 14

Honest to god, I think I’m the only hiker out here who tries to follow the rules. It’s frustrating! Both Guthooks and AWOL specify that camping isn’t permitted in this area except at designated locations, like this one. Yet every thru I talked to today was just planning to stealth close to Daleville. Even the Finnish hiker. Like… really, dudes? You think these restrictions are supposed to be for everybody but you? I know it’s hike your own hike and clean your side of the street, but it frosts my ass when I could do what they’re doing, and instead they’ll have a 4-mile stroll into town, and I’ll have to schlep 10 miles, at my slower pace.

Gah. Stupid day! It was cold (41 last night!) and fiercely blustery all day. Cold is my kryptonite. I had on all my regular clothes plus my wind pants and shirt, rain pants and jacket, and gloves. And the cool kids were all in shorts and tee shirts. I’m wondering if old people just gradually become snakelike and cold blooded. And grumpy. 😀

Anyhoo… McAfee’s was gorgeous, Tinket Cliffs were amazing. Salamanders +1.

Tomorrow: An insanely busy resupply day. My section-hiking friend Doug will be in town to polish off a piece of a section near here, and we’re going to grab some food somewhere. That’ll be awesome! Plus laundry, resupply/repackage, check in at the outfitters. We’ll see how it goes! I’m going yo try to start my 10 miles super early.