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Accidental milestone

Mile 766.6—Cornelius Fudge Shelter [21.5 miles]
Friday, May 17

Just kidding. It’s Cornelius Creek Shelter! A little Harry Potter humor, there.

Holy crap. No wonder I was sobbing and slogging and dragging that last brutal 2-mile climb. Like… every step uphill felt like an act of will, and I was ripping myself for not being able to even get 19. But it turns out it was 21.5. And I double-checked the math, because I inadvertently camped close to an overlook last night. The math is right. Holy crap. It took 13 hours, but, yeah. Yeah. 😀👍

This shelter is crowded. I thought Trail Days would have done some winnowing, but a lot of these guys appear to be locals out for a section or the weekend.

So. Frogs +1, turtles +1. Here are the current standings:

Snakes: 4Frogs: 2
Turtles: 3
Red salamanders (elts?): 4

But I’m telling you, the frogs will win in the end.

It rained hard for a few hours this morning, but the afternoon was hot hot hot…er, humid. Humid and also hot. And sunny. The skeeters are out in force! I’m getting pin-cushiony.

Wicked’s hiking with a guy named Green Blaze. GB’s brother, Bruh, is off trail with tendinitis, so he did a little “trail magic” today—Cokes and Snickers for the win! Bruh will be back in a couple of weeks.

What else? Nothing. I’m beat.

Tomorrow: Well… 15 or 16, I guess, then into Glasgow on Sunday to resupply!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

5 thoughts on “Accidental milestone”

  1. Harry Potter metaphors are rampant on the AT. Good call. Our ridgerunners want to meet you. Pls email or PM your approximate schedule for Shenandoah. Can’t wait to see you in HF.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t gotten granular with my Shenandoah dates—just the beginning and end. I think I’ll be leaving Waynesboro on the 25th, and I think I’ll be getting to HF on June 10 (and zeroing the next day), but all that depends on the next weeks. And the last two big days may have moved me up a day. Throwing jello at a wall!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s lifelong unless research develops viable gene therapy. There have been notable failures, but my surgeon is optimistic. My daughter thinks she’s doomed. 🙃


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