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Glasgow, VA

Mile 786.7—Stanimals Hostel, Glasgow, VA [20.1 miles]
Saturday, May 18

Man. Glasgow. There is nothing here. If I were crazy enough to do this again, I’d probably stay at the hostel again, but send myself a box. Or go into Buena Vista instead.

Long day yesterday, but I was mostly running to get to the trailhead shuttle by 5. Made it by 4:30. 😀

I cobbled together a Dollar Store resupply, and I’ll be back on trail by 8, heavy. At least I avoided the accidental zero! (They only shuttle to the trailhead once a day, at 7:30.)

I’m really discombobulated. Tomorrow will probably be a low mileage day. These long days are like… borrowing time from the next day!


Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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