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Mile 792.0—Bush camp [5.2 miles]
Sunday, May 19

Nero today [on trail]. I really, really need those neroes on resupply days to get myself together. Yesterday I did that 20 by brute force, after not sleeping well the night before (slanted tent, crowded shelter, local partiers at the shelter having loud fun until late at night) after that other wickedly long dsy. I didn’t even have time to eat yesterday, really. Then I got to the hostel at dinnertime, ran down to the sub joint for a burger, hit two not-great resupply stores, finally showered, and did laundry. I managed a half-assed sorting of the food, but I was dizzy tired by 10 PM. Then up at 5, make coffee, pack the pack, grab a breakfast sammich for the trail, and out the door for the 7:30 AM shuttle. And the first 4 miles were a deadly uphill on a day that was already steaming (over 90 degrees in Glasgow all week), and 5 miles took me 4 hours and just killed me. So I took my nero today. I think I’m back to 2 days ahead, but I won’t know for sure until Waynesboro. So it’s all good.

Here I am, happy in my tent at 2 o’clock. 😀. When the blistering sun starts to go down, I’ll pop out and put on the rainfly.

This morning when we piled into the car, it wouldn’t go into gear. Sounded like a transmission issue. Poor Donna! So we didn’t hit the trailhead until after 8. Me, Tiny (whom I’ve known since before Hot Springs), Kiwi and So Far So Good, whom I hadn’t met yet (although I’d heard of Kiwi), and new LASHer Dan.

It’s windy. Did I mention the heat? 😆 I try not to listen to the doomsayers, because they get into my head even when I know it’s bullshit, but they were on and on and on about the temperature and the steep climbs and how awful today wad going to be—and yup, it got into my head.

Don’t listen to the doomsayers. Stay far, far away from the doomsayers.

Tomorrow: Looking forward to 5 AM!