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Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug

Mile 825.2—Spy Rock [18.4 miles]
Tuesday, May 21

Trail Days is over, and the herd has returned! Last night I had a late-arriving roommate at my little bush camp (Siren, whom I hadn’t met yet), and two hikers night-hiked past us at 1 AM. Turns out that was Ding-Dong and Roadrunner, so I’m back in their orbit again, for now. I saw Reset and Buttshot from that crew today, along with Pilgrim, So Far So Good, and a bunch of others. And I met some new folks. If town days shuffle the hiker deck, then Trail Days is like 52-pickup. 😁 I hope I run into more people I know. Oh! Unicorn and J-Rock… I saw them, too.

The trail was roughish today. Started with a brutal 5-mile climb, and ended with the brutal half-mile climb up to Spy Rock. I fell twice and skinned both knees, and we should all be hugging toddlers more. That shit hurts! 😆 I’m pretty sure the pack was just loaded in a top-heavy way. I repacked it and stopped falling.

So far so good! I’m thinking I’ll get to Waynesboro (my next resupply) on Friday morning, hopefully stay at Stanimal’s hostel, and head into Shenandoah on Saturday morning.