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Happy, joyful, lazy rattlesnake

Mile 850.3—Campsite [13.8 miles]
Thursday, May 24

Isn’t it funny how, when you see a big fat rattlesnake, you’re looking for rattlesnakes all the rest of the day? Don’t you hate it when that happens? 😁 I can’t even take credit for spotting him. A day hiker saw him after I’d walked right past. Snakes, +1. The frogs are pitiful this year.

Misty, sluggish morning with a brutal 3-mile climb and rock scramble. I could not get any mojo today. I was just sick of hiking every day. I just wanted to be like the rattlesnake—warm and relaxed and horizontal. And I realized I probably need a zero. I don’t have one scheduled until Harpers Ferry, but maybe I can steal some recharging hours in Waynesboro, if I can manage to get into town from Rockfish Gap.

I passed some memories today. That place where a little stream had become a raging thing with all the rain, and chucked me over the edge to the tune of a couple of whacked ribs. Today the river was a pretty little trickle. Then that night, I had to find an emergency camp because my ribs hurt so bad, and I realized the fall had punctured my air mattress. And it rained on all my stuff. 😆 Wow. That was a bad karma day! Today was good karma; just wish I could motivate a bit!

The trail was dead. Where are all the hikers?

Public service announcement

FYI, there’s no, or next to no, signal in this stretch. I’m seeing comments, but I can’t get enough bars to reply.

Trail’s bern gnarly. My schefule’s probably slipping a day—into Waynesboro on Saturday and Shenandoah on Sunday… but I’m not sure. We’ll see hoe it goes!