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Stanimals Hostel, Waynesboro, VA

Got into town, resupplied, bunking in the hostel, and it’s into Shenandoah in the AM. Stanimals picked me up at the trailhead. I love these guys.

Today was HOT. That sun was really beating at 1 PM. Or maybe it really is the humidity.

Saw another snake. Man, the snakes are kicking ass. Maybe the frogs won last time because it rained like… every single day. It hasn’t rained during the day in a while, although it did storm and thunder and gust for a while last night. The tent held up well!

People I know are starting to drop out. One older guy who’s been banging 20s is out—IT band (knee) injury, although he also seems to have reached his fill of misery.

Next stop on this train: Front Royal. Not sure when; Shenandoah is funky. But Front Royal will be the last stop before Harpers Ferry!

Happy summer weekend!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

7 thoughts on “Shenandoah”

  1. That’s a good guy snake. Enjoy the park. I’ll be weeding Wednesday or Thursday on the south side of Compton Peak (north district just before you cross Skyline for the final time. I’d give you a hug if we meet, but I’ll be saturated in poison ivy. We cultivate that stuff here. My hand surgery is scheduled for Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for call sign Ridgerunner One who is in reality Sabine “Four Eyes” Pelton – AT and PCT thru hiker. PhD in physics on the side. Sisu

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      1. That’s my trail name. I’m about eight percent Finnish according to 23andMe. However, I’m married to a full-blooded Finn. But you’re right. It certainly applies to Linda. Sisu is an essential quality for a thru hiker!

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  2. Karma!!!!!! Sorry I’ve been so silent. I’ve been in kind of a recession. Who knows why? Surgery on Wednesday. Thanks for the good luck note my friend! Shenandoah! I love Shenandoah. BTW. It was GREAT spending the day with you! Thanks for hanging out. I was a little thoughtless I realized in hindsight. You were tired. I got you out of your recharge rhythm I think. It sure was fun. I’ll see you again soon. 😊 Also BTW. Have a latte at Skyland. It’s awesome to be smelly and dirty with a latte in your mitt.

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