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I banged out a 20 today (19.9), so I didn’t take many pics. But I got the important one. 😁

Bear shit everywhere today! Everywhere! I was originally trying for 21, but the heat slew me, and I crapped out a mile before the shelter, at the campground. With toilets. There are a ton of thru-hikers here. Chickadee, So Far So Good, One Way, and some others I haven’t met yet. Oh, and Hufflepuff and… gah, I hate that I forget her trail name! From Denmark, I think. I have to be sneaky and wait for her to introduce herself to somebody! In the meantime, I think of her as Daisy.

The mosquitoes are getting serious now. The varsity squad is on the field. I have a bite the size of s nickel on my shoulder.

The doomsayers are saying 91 tomorrow. Lucky I’m not listening to the doomsayers anymore! 👍😀

Tomorrow: Big Meadow, I think. The diner is closed, unfortunately, but the store has some kind of prepared sandwiches, allegedly. What do you think that means? “Prepared sandwiches.” Actually, I don’t care. I’ll take two.

Have to start figuring out my Front Royal game plan.

No phone signal all day today, except for one rock outcropping.