Well… today sucked. With two very bright spots at the end of the day. One was a hot dog. And I’ll bet you can guess what the other was. 😁

I’m on the Rollercoaster—a 13-mile stretch that goes up and down and up and down and up and down with few switchbacks. I was nervous about the climbs, but it’s the godawful trail tread that’s killing me. Rocks and rocks, roots and more rocks, slippery rocks and ankle busters. There was a strong breeze all day, so the ground was variably dappled, and I couldn’t see squat. I tripped fifty? sixty? times. I was so terrified of faceplanting, with my last batch of scabs nearly healed, that I got slower and slower and slower—probably a half-mile an hour, in spots. And I was still tripping. I decided to just give the OK to stop early. It won’t change my zero day; at this point, I’m just playing with what time I get into town on Wednesday. I’m about 25 miles out, although Guthooks is giving me conflicting data, so who knows? But probably 10ish on Wednesday.

I got to a road crossing 2 miles before a Guhooks tent site, and… BOOM! A church group was doing trail magic! And yes, it was technically a hiker feed rather than the serendipitous ‘woo’ that constitutes actual magic, in trail parlance, but I was so dejected that it really really was magical. I ate a lot, too. Two hot dogs. My first trail dogs! I keep missing them!

I still tripped a lot… right up to the rock shrine that said… yes… 1000!

1000 miles!

And believe it or not, I’m still not halfway there. Almost, though. I’ll be shooting for a Katahdin date of September 5.

In other news… turtles +1! This could be some kind of big upset.