Boiling Springs, waiting for the rain

Skillet sent me the 1100 pic! Thanks, Skillet! I’m really, really, really happy that I can start counting backward now. Counting toward home. 1100 miles walked; 1100 still to go.

I’m in Boiling Springs at the free campsite on the railroad tracks. The trains aren’t that bad, honestly. Then again, I grew up on a train street, and nearly every place I’ve ever lived has had a train in the background. I find the chugga-chugga and the loud whistle of trains to be the most comforting sounds in the universe. 😁 I’m more nervous about the hiker party that’s sure to be happening later tonight. Because hiker trash, nearby pub, and free camping… what could go wrong? And as I type, I hear the karaoke has started across the grass. Joy. lol

I don’t know the few people who are here. (It’s still early for the late-shifters.) I would have preferred to hike through, but there’s no camping for the next 14 miles, and I hiked 11 into town. Considering I also needed to charge up for a couple of hours, 25 is well out of my wheelhouse. This device charging is going to become more and more of a problem as we go north.

It’s supposed to start raining after midnight and rain all day tomorrow—100% chance. Interesting, right? I’m going to try to start early, although packing up in the rain is always slow. Tomorrow will be a long wet slog, maybe with some rocks at the end. Then the next day, into Duncannon to pick up a resupply box at the Doyle. Oh my god, Skillet is staying at the Doyle. I can’t wait to hear his review. Of course, this is a guy who, when he was a kid in Florida, used to catch lizards and make them bite his earlobes and dangle there like earrings—a fact that makes me giggle my ass off, for no apparent reason. It’s just hilarious! Florida, what are you doing? 😆

Demonish hiker frozen in carbonite:

Pics or it didn’t happen

I love southern PA. It’s surpassed Vermont as my favorite state. Of course, northern PA is like chewing rocks, so my affection is probably short-lived. 😆

Anyway, I’m ahead of myself. My brain’s been misfiring today like a 1972 robot with its antenna in an electrical outlet.

It poured last night. I mean, torrential. The creek rose, and Skillet kept thinking it would drown out the tents. Kiwi slept through it. It must be some mutant New Zealand superpower. My bag got a little wet, but the worrying about whether the bag was getting wet was worse. I didn’t sleep much.

Accordingly, I missed the actual halfway point, I missed the 1100 mile shrine, and I inadvertently bought 3 days of food I didn’t need at the halfway general store. Then I messed up my mileage count, and I didn’t realize there’s a long ‘no camping’ stretch after Boiling Springs, so it has to be a nero tomorrow anyway—and trying to figure out where I can charge my electronics is giving me kittens.

Skillet’s going to send me the 1100 picture. The nero won’t kill me, and I can hopfully get powdered milk and Starbucks at the store in town. Then if I can recharge, I’m good for a week.

So: Half of this trail is done. Half! Fifty percent!

Man, these trails are long. 😁

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I took a hard pass on the half-gallon challenge and got ancheeseburger instead. Four pints of ice cream is a bridge too far, even for me! And guess what? The guys are timing themselves now. The record is… 5 minutes, 28 seconds. I kid you not.

18.4 miles yesterday, 17.1 today. 13 and change tomorrow.