Three months. Also, monsoon season.

Monsoon season in PA, apparently! Well… not so much with the wind. But it’s all rain, all the time. The trail is a muddy, rocky nightmare of boot-sucking swamp. I can’t go fast at all because of the ankle-busters hiding in the black water. Pennsylvania just feels slow and relentless. I don’t recall having this much trouble with it before… but last time, I was almost done. This time, I’m looking at another 1000 miles, and it’s all rock scrambles in the rain and mud. Pulpit Rock in the rain and mud. Lehigh Gap in the rain and mud. Knifes Edge in the rain and mud. OK, I did Knifes Edge in the rain last time, too. 😁☔️

The rain’s bringing more critters! Salamanders, +2. And frogs, +1! About time, you lazy bastards.

After tonight’s torrential rain, into Port Clinton tomorrow, in the rain, to buy candy and get out. Then rain in the afternoon and… oh, hell. It’s just rain forever, according to the forecast. I should have brought SCUBA gear.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

3 thoughts on “Three months. Also, monsoon season.”

  1. Love the candy store in Port Clinton. It’s a treasure. The rain was so intense that I retreated to the Microtel in Hamburg for two days. You really are doing well, timewise. One of our ridgerunners met two of the attack survivors today in Shenandoah. She thought they were doing well considering. Keep plugging my friend.

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