Water, water, creatures, rocks, water, 1200

You know what I never noticed about the AT in Pennsylvania? The noise! It’s noisy as hell. Trucks, highways, traffic, roads, trains… and gunfire, always gunfire. There must be a bunch of shooting ranges around here, and maybe at least one military facility, judging by the regular and frequent explosions and helicopter flyovers last night. So much noise.

PA is bringing the rain, hard. Everything’s soaked. It brought out the creatures today, though! Salamanders, +2. Turtles, +1. Current standings are as follows:

Snakes: 6Frogs: 2
Turtles: 6
Red salamanders (efts): 6

Frogs, what the hell are you doing? Also, apparently I walked right past another fat rattlesnake yesterday. Didn’t see it, though, so it doesn’t count!

I’m not seeing many other thrus at the moment. Maybe one or two a day, all strangers.

Pennsylvania is being Pennsylvania. 🙂 Rocky. Tomorrow I’ll get close to Port Clinton, then I’ll nero into “town” on Wednesday morning. I need to top off my food. All I’ll be able to get is candy. I do have some bars and stuff, and I can hit Blue Rocks if I feel like walking 3.4 miles. Logistics for this leg are nuts, and a pain in the ass. I need to do laundry and charge my battery, without losing a day off my schedule. And I have a resupply in New Jersey, so I’m trying to stretch my food. I’m thinking I’ll stay at DWG if the motel has laundry, then just do a wuick in-and-out in NJ to grab my box. And I get to see my friends Janet and Karen this weekend!

That’s life, these days. Logistics with a side of walking. 😆

I’m in a slump, hiking-wise. Short mileages. Call it the Pennsylvsnia blues. Hope things pick up in New Jersey—which should be happening in about a week.

Oh! And… 1200 miles! Only 998 to go until I’m home! 😁

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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