Wet, rain, rain, mud

Frogs +1. Salamanders +4.

That tells the whole story! 😁

I saw Kiwi today. Tiny is off the trail. Zippy, I heard, got off trail after hurting her ankle during “the tequila thing.” Don’t know if she got back on.

Aside from that, the weather’s the thing. It poured all night and rained today, but right now the sun’s trying to peek out. My stuff’s wet, except for my sleeping bag. But it’s not cold and it’s not windy, so it’s all manageable. Although hikers are fleeing to hotels in droves.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

3 thoughts on “Wet, rain, rain, mud”

  1. Karma. WTF. I’m back in hospital. UTI. Prob from the catheter. What next? Sorry about all the water. Glad it’s warm. The weekend is supposed to be sunny, but hot. At least you can dry out!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! 😊👍🏕


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