Rocks and rain… then THE SUN

16.5 yesterday, 17.1 today. That included Pulpit Rock, the Pinnacle, Dan’s Pulpit, the Knife’s Edge, and Bake Oven Knob. I’m happy with that! Especially since it rained a lot of the time, and my feet are blistered and raw and so freaking painful. I wish I could give them a rest, but all they can have at the moment is my last pair of clean socks, and the same wet shoes. And lunch tomorrow with my friends, after the big rock climb. (New shoes are coming at mile 1307.)

The Knife’s Edge sucked. I thought it would be less terrifying, but it was awful. I think it’s harder NOBO. And the wind was gusting up to 28 mph, and everything was slick after a week of rain. I fell off. Luckily, some nice soft rocks caught me on the way down! 😁

Salamanders +1, frogs +1. A frog thst will forever be known as Bake Oven Frog.

Trsil magic from 2018ers! Thanks for the burger and Coke, Annie and Wheat! (Or maybe it was ‘Weed’. Hrm.)

Yesterday I came to that intersection—the one where going right takes me home, and going left takes me to Maine. And you know, once I stepped left, my weird anxious mood vanished! I think it was all the home worries subtly piling on to all the trail worries.

These late nights make it hard to journal. But the miles are closer to where I want them.

Oh, and Pottermore Sorted me into Ravenclaw. Like there was ever any doubt. 😁

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

3 thoughts on “Rocks and rain… then THE SUN”

  1. Funny how perception is everything. I expected the knifes edge to be horrendous. It’s 100 yards, tops. David “AWOL” Miller was terrified by some of the slab walking in Maine. They were so unremarkable that I didn’t notice them. David and I had an informative discussion about that. I find it mesmerizing how differently people think about and perceive the same circumstances. What I would say is this. If I were hiring a thru hiker to bet on, it would be you. 🙏


    1. Plus, conditions. 109 yards with a loaded pack on wet rocks in 28 mph winds is different from what might be a fun scamper to a day hiker!

      But yeah. The fear of heights is hardwired and brutal.

      I just got over the Lehigh Gap rock climb, btw. Still a bit scary, Knifes Edge was more terrifying to me. 😁

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