Rocks, rocks, rocks—that’s all you ever think about

Nero today—7.1. Because I got to visit with my fabulous friends Janet and Karen! Thank you so much, you guys! It was a great lunch and a great visit, and it was so much fun that I’m still giggling.

Logistically, here’s the deal. I’m staying in Delaware Water Gap on Monday night, because I’m out of socks, and laundry’s become a desperate need after all that rain. Tuesday I have to take a couple of hours to slip over to the Mohican, get my resupply box, and figure out how to spray my shoes. That’ll probably be a three-quarter day (we need a word for that!). Then, I hope, I’m back on track.

Saw Skillet and Kiwi and Gump and a bunch of othet hikers today! Yay! The sad news is that I lost probably my favorite piece of gear: my Houdini windshirt. I wore that thing practically every day. I slept in it at Windsor Furnace, in the driving rain. I’m probably not going to replace it, which… sad! But honestly, am I going to drop a hundred bucks on a piece of gear that won’t fit me by Christmas? (And I have a bigger one at home.) So… goodbye, beloved windshirt! I hope somebody finds you!

In other news, snakes +1! A black rat snake. Now that the rain’s abated, the amphibians have left the building.

What else? The big rock climb out of Palmerton! It was scary in places, but nowhere near as panic-inducing as the Knife’s Edge. That’s the difference between a cliff on one side versus two, and doing a scramble in dry weather with low wind. 😁

Tomorrow: A bunch of miles. Pennsylvania is starting to look a lot like New Jersey.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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