I’ve never been on this trail before

So. I can’t even remember if I updated Saturday. In a nutshell, I climbed up the Lehigh rock wall and boulder field. It was dry and calm, and had some challenging spots, but it was all doable. Should’ve put the poles up, though. 😀

Then my friends Janet and Karen drove up for lunch, and it was fabulous! Aftet that, I made only a few miles and camped… somehow, right above what sounded like a live concert with fireworks. It was the noisiest night yet, in noisy Pennsylvania.

Then… oh, yeah. Sunday. I don’t remember it at all. Then Monday, I ploughed into Delaware Water Gap, because my amazing sister decided to drive up right from work and take me out for dinner! It was AWESOME. Thank you, sister! I love you!

Then… rain today. Oh! I finally found a new pack cover! I’ve been looking since Neels, but everybody’s been out. I knew the old one was full of holes and no longer water resistant in the least… but I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until I saw the rain actually beading on the new one! My pack stayed dry!

Hit New Jersey. Hit 1300. Camped in this site with Kiwi, Scat, and a whole troop of Outward Bounders. Oh, and stopped in Mohican for my resupply. Thank you, brother!

Never has this Philadelphian been so happy to see New Jersey.

Tomorrow: Start of the NJ/NY ‘no camping’ zone. This is going to hurt.

I’ve decided that hiking is my art. It might not be good art, or fast art, but it’s expressive. I’m not out here doing athletics, or escaping. I’m dancing in the forest, one step at a time.