New York spanks NOBOs

Why does nobody talk about New York? It’s brutal, taken in the flow of things!

I made it to the William whatever shelter, along with two big groups of party people and more tents than I’ve seen since Georgia. 19.5 miles! And my feet are throbbing. Rock scramble after rock scramble, of which the ‘lemon squeezer’ was the last and the least. True and Kiwi helped me get over that one by pulling up my pack, which I couldn’t manage on my own.

I hope the terrain calms down a little tomorrow. I need to do 17 and also short resupply. Oh, and I guess 1400 tomorrow!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

4 thoughts on “New York spanks NOBOs”

      1. Run for your life! 😀 a friend has asked me to join her Allegheny Passage hike because her partner fell and hurt her hip. Me: Not until after the Fourth of July!


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