Trail learning

I had this little fantasy that I’d get to this shelter and Kiwi and True would be here. But they’re not. Yesterday I bonked hard in the heat and couldn’t make it to Canopus Lake, so those guys are probably a shelter ahead of me. That’s hard to make up. I might see them again, like Unicorn and J-Rock. I might not. One of the things you get to work with on a long trail is grief and loss. People, your self-image, goals, gear… things are lost every day. Here, we get to practice.

On the other hand, I thought the two big groups would be a full shelter ahead. Guess what? They’re here. 😆 Just me and them. I get to also practice dealing with things I don’t like. How very Buddhist!

So. Yesterday was super hot. I was supposed to do 17, or at least 14, but I could only make 10 before it all turned to torture. I haven’t really slept lately, with the big groups and the parties. I think the tiredness just caught up with me. I had to set up my tent at least for a nap, and I eventually just rode out the night there.

This morning I hit Canopus Lake park for a quick rinse and water. Water’s been a real problem in New York. It’s all black ground seep because it hasn’t rained. People are, thankfully, leaving water caches. Tonight I filled up from a stream, and I just hope the sewage content is minimal. Simple things, right? 😁

It was hot again. NY is very repetitive. I got my 18 today by listening to Buddhist Dhamma talks and by forcing myself to hike in 20-minute intervals.

I had two great conversations today: one with a SOBO, and one with a writer. Derrick, if you see this, shoot me a note via the ‘contact’ link and I’ll email you. I want to know how your book goes!

Shit. One of these groups is traveling with a dog, and the guy is screaming at the dog, a pit bill, who apparently ripped a hole in the side of the tent and jumped out. (Because leaving your dog in a tent when it’s 87 degrees is so brilliant. Also, gunshots/fireworks.) I kind of hate these guys. Not so Buddhist.

Anyway, the terrain is NY: up and down, up and down. Prepping for the big stuff. The end game.

Tomorrow: Connecticut? I think so. At least for a while.