Go! Listen to the Proclaimers three times on YouTube! 😀

So… in the interest of keeping it real, yesterday was the first day I actually thought about quitting. Oh, relax. I didn’t quit. It was just that bad a day. And I thought exactly that, and you know you never quit on a bad day, so here we are. (Actually, we’re in town for a nero, resupply, and device charge.)

It was mostly tiredness. I was exhausted. Usually at the root of my bad days, on trail or in general, is tiredness. Lack of sleep whacks me like a 2×4, and makes me stupid and depressed. It’s a dementor.

I didn’t sleep because of the air pad thing. And the new accordion ain’t gonna cut the mustard. (Who cuts mustard, anyway? Where did that expression come from?) I could work with the many disadvantages, but it’s too damn bulky. I’m already fighting a war on bulk. Carrying it was stupid hot work, and it capsized me into a brutal fall.

I slept a little better last night, although I think something big came up to my tent and twanged a guyline. I’m not sure, though.

I realized I was going to have to get into that aspect of long-distance hiking that I’ve never tackled but knew I’d have to one day: ordering gear while on trail. “You can have a new pad shipped! You don’t have to hit-or-miss your way to Maine, hoping you’ll stumble on an outfitter with a mat that’ll work, all the while sleeping like shit and being cranky and despondent!” Then as I walked, and as the 30th mosquito of the morning attacked me, I decided enough was enough, and I’d replace the damn Houdini windbreaker, too. Because sometimes you can replace gear just because it’ll improve your quality of life. The biting bugs are just getting atrocious and we’re not even in Mass yet. I didn’t have to deal with that last time.

Then, as I was hoofing along, I remembered that I have a big dividend sitting at REI. I didn’t cash it in this year, in case I needed to replace something. So as soon as I got to town, I got coffee and sat down and figured out my next leg. I called a motel to see if I can ship to them. I can. So I ordered the stuff, and it hopefully will get there before I do. It’ll be an anxious week, checking on all the canaries while not sleeping and while getting eaten alive, but like Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. Me and Gloria.

Also, I’m going to start hiking in my sleep shirt and sleeping in my disgusting (now clean) hiking shirt.

The night after Kent, guess who I saw? Womble and Morph, the Brit! Haven’t seen them since… gah, like mile 500? They’ve been ahead, but they took time to do the 4th in New York. And today I ran into… Target! Haven’t seen him since Georgia! I saw him the day he got his trail name! Another Brit. British invasion. I knew he was around, too. And on top of that, I’m still meeting new people every single day. So many hikers.

There are ofher anxieties. Stuff is expensive up here, and I had to activate my plan B for my budget. The north is just a more stressful hike than the south. You can practically feel the stress oozing off people. I met a guy today who did like 70 miles in the last 24 hours. How crazy is that? He was camping illegally, of course, with another dude, on top of a peak. Can you even do 70 mpd through New York and Connecticut? Maybe he was rounding. I’m too lazy to check, and HYOH anyway.

Hiking today was nice, except for the mosquitos and biting flies. Hit 1500. Tomorrow: Massachusetts, which I can never spell.

Oh and the most important thing: frogs +1.