Moving along

I met somebody with the trail name Little Engine. 😁

16.4 Wednesday, 21.3 yesterday, 17.6 today. And tonight, at 6:15, this shelter was already full of tents. Packed. At 6:15, which feels so early! I barely found a spot to squeeze into. Which is fine—summer on the trail, and all that—but a lot of these people seem to be thru-hikers and seem to know one another. So weird, and disconcerting. I know at least some of these folks started in February, and at least one is a flip-flopper. But to not know one single hiker in a crowd this size? It really pings the ‘alone in a crowd’ thing. Not that the people are mean, or anything. They’re all very nice! And one of them has my new second favorite trail name: Roaming Geezer.

Terrain’s been up and down. Considerably up and down, like jagged teeth or a dragon’s back. Today, though, was swamp day. High swamps, low swamps, muddy bogs, mosquitoes from hell, and all the water was foul and black. There were a couple of trail magic coolers today (thank you, trail angels!), so I got a Gatorade and a Sprite, and thank god for that, because I’m having a tough time drinking the brown beaver swill.

I’m all set for Williamstown on Sunday. My Neoair supposedly was delivered! I can’t wait to sleep again! 👍😀