Orbits and spirals

Rain! Hard, hard rain all day, except for an hour around lunchtime! “Rain may be heavy at times.” Yeah, it was. Still is, in fact. I’m so happy to have my Xtherm! Having this much sopping wet stuff inside the tent would be a disaster with that accordion pad.

So, I stopped early again! Because after 8 hours of slow going in the pouring rain, I was freezing. Guess how long it takes for Vermont to become Vermud? About… oh… 4 hours. Like… a sea of sucking black mud. And blackflies, by the way. My face got chewed up.

No pictures. It was too wet to take out the phone. I’m only updating because guess who just rolled into this shelter? Kiwi and Sneaky Pockets and Hufflepuff! I’m ecstatic! Friends!

Those guys are aiming to finish on the last day of August. It occurs to me that everybody I know is aiming to finish in August. That’s how this bubble is rolling. I can probably stay in their orbit if I just decide to summit at the end of August. (Although I’ll have no ride out of Baxter, and that never goes well for me if I leave it to chance.) Or at least, I could get to Abol Bridge at the end of August and kill 4 days in Milinocket and summit on the 5th, as planned. With a ride.

I don’t even have to do anything superhuman. Just un-slow my roll. And maybe skip the zero in Killington. As it stands, I’m 8 days ahead, even with the zero. All things staying the same, that would organically give me an August 30 finish.


Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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