Oh, deargod, what a mud wallow this state is! OK, I get it now! 😆 You know what else I get now? The “green tunnel.” Despite my hiking in Pennsylvania, I never realized how claustrophobic this trail can get day after day after day. Green walls pushing in, a green ceiling, tight green everywhere. Honestly, sometimes I’d give up coffee for just a piece of rock and an open vista where I can grab some calories. (There are no meals anymore. Just “calories.”) (And actually that’s a lie. I’m too addicted to coffee!) 😁

I was slow getting up because half the stuff in my tent was drenched, it was cold out, it was drizzling, and I couldn’t face the thought of putting on my drenched, cold, stinking clothes. Not the compression calf things, not the shorts, not the clammy shirt, not the revolting sports bra. Eventually I got it done, except for the socks, but the girls in the shelter were also up and around by 6 AM. I’ve lost my mutant superpower. Everybody gets up early now.

So. I decided to continue with the plan—just do as many miles as I can manage (which isn’t a lot right now), take the zeroes (because I need the rest and I need the meals), and deal with the fallout in Monson. I wanted those days in the bank for a reason: I might need them! Also, the momentary euphoria of seeing those gals doesn’t change the fact that they’re doing 19s and 20s, and I’m getting zonked after 12 or 13. Even if I pushed to finish in August, we’d likely be out of sync. So it’s me and the trail, and in Monson I’ll see where things stand. I hope I see them again, though. I might. They did 20 today to get into Manchester, so I’m thinking they’ll stay in town tomorrow. Maybe.

Hiking today was muuuuudddddyyyy. It didn’t rain, though. I ran out of steam 3 miles short of where I wanted to be, so tomorrow I have to find some way to do 18.5. I’m not sure why I’m running out of gas like this. Could be calories. More likely, though, I’m really struggling with boredom. Vermont is so green and close that every step feels like every other step. And I can only walk a treadmill for about 9 hours before my brain is screaming for me to quit. (And the steep climbs and rock walls slow me down, too.) I might get Audible in Rutland—but phone battery is an issue, too. It’s always something!

Tomorrow: Bromley Mountain. Wish me luck, lol. I hate walking up next to the ski slopes! But if I recall, the tread is decent. That’s what I need… a solid bunch of miles of good, easy tread. You know what would thrill me right now? An 18-mile roadwalk!

It starts to get darkish at 5:30, 6 PM now. Days are getting shorter in the forest! (But dawn is still starting by 5 AM.)

Look how black and disgusting my shoes are!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

6 thoughts on “Wallow!”

  1. Nice skinny hiker legs. No Blood or bandages. I’m impressed. Seems like it’s raining everywhere. Epic T-storms here. I’m going hiking in upstate Potter County early August. I can’t wait. I miss the mountains (and the tops of them the most).Aside from the slog, how does your journey feel to your inner self? Personally, I find the forest is as a spiritual place, somewhere I am free to be me.
    Safe travels, my friend.

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  2. OK Karma. Thanks for the update. It was a good one. Different. Really different than the string of ones before. You have been pushing too hard. Your body is talking to you. Listen to it. Your honesty will be how you get through these dips. You know this is just a dip, right? It’s a dip. You will be through this one in a day or two. You know that. You’ll be ok and looking back at this dip soon. You KNOW you can do this. I know you can do this. You just got overloaded. Too many crappy things all at once. Any one of those would stop a normal person. You are not a normal person. You are a warrior. Go Karma!!! Coach Doug HANG IN THERE FRIEND.

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