Did I make 18.5? No. 15.7. But it’s because late in the day I checked the description of the shelter, and it has one… one… tent platform. There’s a caretaker, and nothing in the comments says anything about additional tent sites. I didn’t want to risk getting there at 6 and having them tell me to hike on—particularly since the next tent site, also with a caretaker, has platforms. My tent isn’t freestanding. Platforms are very difficult. (I’m about done with non-freestanding tents, I think. I want my next one to be freestanding.)

It worked out OK. There’s a heat advisory in effect, with like… 100% humidity. It wasn’t bad at elevation, but now I have a heat rash on my chest and shoulders, from the wet pack straps, I assume.

I don’t have an overdrive, but I have an underdrive—meaning I got up at 3:30 and started night hiking at 4:45. Yeah, still creepy. After dawn, at around 6:30, I’m pretty sure I saw a bear. Could have been a deer, though. It was around a bend, so there were trees in the way, and I had my bug net on. Something crashed, I looked ahead, we saw each other, then it instantly bounded off into the woods and went silent.

Today was the beginning of tough, I think. Bromley Mountain was steep, and the top mile was actually the ski slope. 😄 I remember going down that and thinking, ‘Thank god I’m going SOBO.’

Oh! Speaking of SOBOs, I’m starting to see them! Met a guy named Glucose today. It’s interesting to hear how they handled the Katahdin situation. These’s a lot of variation.

And speaking of glucose, I’m out of candy. The next two days should be interesting. 😆

Made my reservation at Inn at Long Trail. I cannot WAIT for this zero. I haven’t taken a zero since Harpers Ferry (plenty of neros, though).

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

5 thoughts on “Heat!”

  1. The pix prompt flashbacks. I had heat rash around my ankles hiking on the C&O Canal last week. Weird. We’ll be working in Shenandoah tomorrow. We’ll see if it happens again.


    1. All of your pics are wonderful. Thanks for posting them. Makes me want to get out there. But then I read your blog and my head clears. You probably don’t have to worry about wildlife. Anything seeing your coming up the trail in your bug suit will probably be terrified and run for the hills.
      I will enjoy hiking in smaller bites.
      Safe journey.

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  2. Hey Karma! Back to the hospital Thursday night. Infection back. Another course of antibiotics. Hope they don’t kill off the good stuff inside me! I have to be ready by Aug 2nd. Crossing my fingers. I can feel the need you have for that zero in front of you. Great carrot! Enjoy every minute. Go Karma!


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