Lazy crazy hazy days of summer

Vermont continues, for one more day. I’m tenting at “the secret hostel.” The AT has all these “secret” things that everybody knows about. Unkept secrets. Anyway, this great guy named Dan runs this secret hostel: camp in his barn or tent on his lawn, take a shower, he’ll schlep you around if he has time. Leave a donation or do a little work for stay, if you want. It’s great, because this part of Vermont is either 22-mile days or 8-mile days, and all the shelters have crazy bear activity, per Guthooks. And there aren’t many reliable stealth sites listed. I saw two bears today. They were… assertive. But not aggressive.

The terrain was rigorous yesterday, but it gentled out today. Still a lot of up and down, but not a lot of rocky stuff. Lots of soft pine. Pretty waterfalls and ponds. That section that’s so steep it has an actual ladder; I’d misremembered that as being in New York. I’m looking forward to New Hampshire.

What else? I haven’t seen any NOBOs all day. The lady at the fabulous farm stand up the street said 40 came through yesterday. I wonder if I knew any of them? Today I met Blueberry the flipflopper, which is funny because a few weeks ago somebody asked me if I was Blueberry; I’ve become accidentally color coordinated in the blue-purple neighborhood.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

5 thoughts on “Lazy crazy hazy days of summer”

  1. Hey Karma! All this bear talk is making me crazy. I don’t think it’s ever been quite like this. Global warming? I can’t quite make that connection. I swore I would never carry bear spray. I still think it’s a waste of weight. I can’t wait to hear about EVERYTHING when you return. Expect lots of coffee dates!!! Stay safe. One rung at a time, right?😊

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  2. Hey Karma, Sounds like Vermont is being gentle with you. Who would have thunk you needed a ladder on the trail. That was sure nice of somebody. Lately it seems everyone I talk to has kids or grandkids on the trail. One Trap and Tree are one state behind you. Did you know Vermont is the ice cream state? Yum. Hope you enjoy some.
    Safe travels.

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