Divorced beheaded died. Divorced beheaded survived.

Bet you’re expecting something about Henry VIII. Not so! The mnemonic was going through my head all morning, and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized: Queen Anne’s lace. It was everywhere, along with black-eyed Susans, daisies, thistle flowers. Vermont was all blooming meadows and steep hills for our last day together. There were plenty of monarch butterflies, too.

It was chilly this morning! I had to start hiking in my fleece hat and long-sleeve shirt, and the bugs were a non-factor until about noon.

The trail today was so overgrown in spots that the hiking amounted to bushwacking through weeds and grass that were taller than the hikers. Everybody was paranoid about ticks. I didn’t find any on me, thankfully. They must be hurting for volunteers here. Well… everywhere, I’m sure.

Had snacks at a couple of farm stands. Climbed hills. Blueberry accidentally left her underwear at the secret hostel, so there was conversation about that. 😅 Saw some truly epic piles of bear scat, but thankfully no bears.

I’m currently tenting in the backyard of trail angels Linda and Bernie in… a town. There’s a train, I just found out. Just like Boiling Springs. 😆 And I smell dog poop. I hope I’m not tenting in it.

Tomorrow: New Hampshire! And a quick resupply in Hanover for three days into Glencliff and the Whites. Let the games begin!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

2 thoughts on “Divorced beheaded died. Divorced beheaded survived.”

  1. Finding volunteers in less densely populated areas is a problem. Younger folks don’t seem to stick with boring things such as trail maintenance. To be fair, some of it is the club’s fault. They were closed social groups that failed to recruit new members until they realized they were dying out. Next up, Starbucks in Hanover, Hexacuba, and Snow White quartzite!

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  2. Tall grass scares the tar out if me. I think the treatment of my clothes working, so far. I will soak my stuff before VT, I think. The tick check is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE DAY!!! At least you will be up in the rocks more now!!! Go Karma!

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