The Whites!

Mile 1801.1

We have achieved… the Whites! You guys, you guys, I’m wearing my fleece! Fleece hoodie, fleece hat—both of which I’ve carried since Springer. It was nice, at the hostel yesterday, to see hikers in tights and long sleeves. The epic thunderstorm broke the heat—not to mention the 4000 feet of elevation.

Did I even mention the epic thunderstorm? I think I didn’t. It was the night hefore last, and it was LOUD and close and terrifying and dramatic, and I was glad it wasn’t my first night in the Whites!

Last night was the hostel at Glencliff. It used to be a trail tradition, but I was surprised by the number of NOBOs who skipped it. I wonder if they have any warm gear at all! I met one hiker, a very entertaining guy named Ting, who doesn’t even have a sleeping bag. I met a lot of young dudes over the summer with no sleeping bags. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it. I’ve used my 5-degree bag every night (even if only after sunset, or open like a quilt). Had a nice conversation with Bag of Tricks about Baltimore Jack, RIP.

So! Moosilsuke was magnificent! I’m so glad I stayed NOBO! (Most hikers are, as far as I can tell.) There’s something really magical about attaining the summit and seeing that breathtaking view of the Whites—like every step from Georgia led exactly there. It was glorious!

I did a half day today—8 miles in 7 hours. I’m not sure that means anything, though, because I only planned to go 8 miles so I had the luxiry of taking a lot of breaks.

Tomorrow: Get down off this Moose, hike a dozen miles, then visit a pair of Kinsmans.

Oh, and did I mention? 1800! I can come home in 400 little miles.