Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge was overcast and windy, up in the uppity-up-up, so there wasn’t much pretty. Still pretty magnificent, though!

Most of my trouble times, these days, seem to be related to wind. You can control for cold, somewhat for heat, but at elevation the wind can make a little havoc. Or even not at elevation. But today was at elevation. 25-30 mph, somebody said. But they could have been mongersplaining.

I fell short again, by a couple of miles. The lack of sleep, and the Hut lentil soup, threw me! I looked at the schedule again, and I think I’m still OK. That stretch that includes both Mt Washington and Mt Madison continues to be a crappy, crappy problem. A 15-mile day, which happens to include both Mt Washington and Mt Madison—a problem, especially when you want to take the time up top to eat! Well… we’ll see how it goes. The Trail provides.


Mile 1821.5
Got my 11.5! Never would I have thought I’d be happy to say that, but I’m happy to say that. Took about 12 hours.

I’m staying at an official tent site. It’s… pretty terrible. I’m on a platform with another tent, so we’re basically in a shelter, and I feel awful that I’ll disturb them at 4:30 AM. I’ll just be as quiet as I can. I might just stealth for the rest, to avoid this. There are plenty of sites. Then again, it’s Saturday, and this is the site you stay at if you’re doing Franconia Ridge tomorrow. Maybe other sites aren’t as busy.

So! The Kinsmans! Oh, before that… last night some ofher thrus did show up at the shelter. It was Woobie and his group, and they’re second-shifters. That was great. It’s nice to have other thrus around (but not sharing the same tent plarform, lol).

The Kinsmans! Steep, but I wouldn’t say it was the steepest climbing yet. I do feel like it was the longest sustained technical climbing, though—ie, a lot of hand work, a lot of pole tossing, a lot of “OK, how am I going to get up that?”. I think I remember last time, thinking that Kinsman and the Wildcats didn’t get talked about nearly enough. The summit was breathtaking.

Then I descended (two 4000-footers in a morning) and had my first Hut lunch! I spent 10 bucks and atea ridiculois amount of food. Ridiculous. Yeah, food’s not going to be an issue. 😁 It made this crazy afternoon climb tough, though. But here we are!

I’ll get water in the morning. Too far to walk tonight, too late to filter.

Tomorrow: Franconia Ridge! The most beautiful ridgewalk on the whole Trail, imo.