Last night in the Whites

The Whites, the Whites, the Whites. I’ll be SO glad to see the end of you!

I finally actually got to where I intended—although it was like… 9 miles in 11 hours. Nuts. Also, I saw a couple of snowflakes up on Wildcat Ridge last night. Which makes sense, because Mt. Washington recorded a quarter inch of snow overnight.

Today was windy and cold. But windy! It’s still windy. I’m here at the Imp, and this time I’ve got the platform to myself, thank god. The caretaker (the Wizard of Imp) said he had 41 hikers last night!

So, this weird thing happened, like they do out here. I’d finished Wildcat and the descent to Carter Notch, and the climb to Carter Dome. I was up on Mt. Hight, and I got turned around. I wasn’t sure which way was north. Another NOBO came along, and we chatted. Don’t you know, he started the same day, and practically the same time as I did! He hiked with Wicked for the first month. PB, his name is. I’d seen it in trail registers and such, but never met him until now (I don’t think). How cool is that?

Random: There were slugs on my tent this morning. Yuck.

I was chatting with a SOBO section hiker from… Radnor? Someplace close to me. He’ll be finishing the Whites this trip. And as we were chatting, a gent came down the hill,,, the wrong way. He also had gotten turned around up on Hight, and came a half-mile down this outrageously steep descent and had to turn around and go back up it again. That sucks.

Tomorrow: The end of the Whites. And 1900, if I get that far.

The next time I visit the Whites, it’ll be in a damn car.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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