Me, clean

Clean me, at the hostel, wearing my crazy hippy loaner clothes.

Just posting for giggles.

I just ate two chicken quesadillas, two potatoes cut in half and loaded, a pint of ice cream, and three ginger ales. I also have a beef and cheese calzone, but I’ll probably hold that for breakfast…

Oh, who am I kidding? Midnight snack. 😆

Well. Well, well, well.

The Whites are… done! Well, not technically. But the Presidentials, all that crap.

I stopped at a hostel for a shower and laundry. I don’t recall ever being this wiped out. Oh, I have one of my favorite injuries! I was climbing up a rough ridge, nice and steep. I splayed my fingers out on the bouldet and hoisted upward. The hoist was so hard that a full water bottle fell out of my side pocket and slammed down on my finger, cap first—ie, just like hitting my hand with a hammer! Yay! It swelled enormously. Now the swelling’s pretty much down, and it turned red. It should end up a nice shade of black and blue. 😆

I have no idea how I’m going to make this schedule, but technically I’m still on time. I can’t even think right now. If I get late, I’ll do the Hundred after Katahdin. Or something.

This journey is over in 3 to 4 weeks. Then? 48 hours in bed. Period. I can’t wait. 😁