Well. Well, well, well.

The Whites are… done! Well, not technically. But the Presidentials, all that crap.

I stopped at a hostel for a shower and laundry. I don’t recall ever being this wiped out. Oh, I have one of my favorite injuries! I was climbing up a rough ridge, nice and steep. I splayed my fingers out on the bouldet and hoisted upward. The hoist was so hard that a full water bottle fell out of my side pocket and slammed down on my finger, cap first—ie, just like hitting my hand with a hammer! Yay! It swelled enormously. Now the swelling’s pretty much down, and it turned red. It should end up a nice shade of black and blue. 😆

I have no idea how I’m going to make this schedule, but technically I’m still on time. I can’t even think right now. If I get late, I’ll do the Hundred after Katahdin. Or something.

This journey is over in 3 to 4 weeks. Then? 48 hours in bed. Period. I can’t wait. 😁

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

12 thoughts on “Well. Well, well, well.”

    1. Thanks for the great encouragement, as always!

      The worst isn’t over, alas! Southern Maine is the worst. In fact, Mahoosuc Notch is “the hardest mile on the AT.” (And there are some other pieces of misery I remember pretty vividly.) But I do think I’m done with 4000ers for a day or two. I think.

      New Hampshire is all granite and talus. Maine is vertical walls of slab. Like clawing your way up the side of the moon. The Bigelows. Maine is like the PhD test, after you’ve done all the individual parts in the other states.

      Maine! Tomorrow, I hope! 😀

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  1. They say Mahoosuc is one of those awful things that you’re supposed to treat as “fun.” Ha. Only to an 18 yr old!!! Keep the picture in your head of me bringing you a large coffee at Panera in a few weeks!!! After you finish, I’m going to need the encouragement!!! 😂

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    1. I’m actually looking forward to Mahoosuc. It’s like… take 500 volkswagon-sized boulders and toss them into a mile-long ravine. 😁 It’s a maze. The rocks are all bigger than you are. Sometimes you have to Twister your way to the top. Sometimes you have to crawl underneath. Sometimes you have to take your pack off. Last time it took me 3 hours, and I couldn’t find the way out.

      One year there was a dead moose down there. I’ll expect to see a little ice.

      The worst, though, is the Mahoosuc Arm, which comes right after. You can google pics. (Actually, I think you can find the Notch on YouTube.)

      At least the Notch is horizontal. Katahdin is the same thing… but, like, vertical for 2 miles.

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