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Made it to 1900, but not quite to Maine. Half-day hiking, after a half-day yesterday. I’m not sure why I’m so slumpish. I was telling my sister I’m just sick and tired of climbing things. I think I’m eating enough; I’m certainly managing to pound calories in town. I do think sleep is part of the problem. I just never get enough sleep, ever, and I’m up a bunch of times every night.

Part of it might be the introvert thing. I’ve been in huts and lodges and the hostel, and always there’s the interrogation. Multiple interrogations. The same 20 questions over and over and over and over, day after day. At the huts, they kept asking them at dinner. Every time I lifted a fork, a question. “When did you start?” “Why do it twice?” “What’s your favorite part?” So I’m always answering and they’re always eating, and all of a sudden the plates are being cleared and I’ve hardly been able to take a bite, and some jackass is looking at my full plate and saying, “You’re talking too much.” Honestly, please leave the thrus in peace, at least until after they’ve eaten. They’re really, really tired and hungry. (But I understand; it’s an interesting sport to a lot of people. I just wonder if being “on” for that many days has been draining my battery.)

I decided to get another date at Baxter, a week or so later. On paper I’m still good, but this sluggish progress doesn’t fill me with confidence. So I’ve given myself a little air, for half-days or a zero maybe, or a buffer for weather.

I’m pretty close to Andover, I think, and my battery’s full, so I’m going to start rewarding myself with a podcast once a day or so. Pod Save America. I’ve missed those guys. 😁 Maybe some other, nonpolitical stuff. Let me know if you’ve got any recommendations.

So. Yesterday at the hostel I ran into Nola! You remember him? One of the Trues! He flipped, so he’s SOBO now. I got locations on all my people, lol. Kiwi, Sneaky Pockets, and Hufflepuff are about a week ahead. The other True is up there somewhere. Skillet’s a day ahead. Wicked and One Way are in the Hundred. I forgot to ask about Unicorn and J-Rock, but I’m guessing they must be close to the Hundred, too. (Part of my slump may be friend related. It’ll all be strangers from here on out.)

This morning I was up early and on the trail just before dawn. There was a long climb that wasn’t technical, but it was still draining. It was at the top of that—Mt. President Somebody—that I decided I wasn’t going to be able to pull big miles anymore, and I checked availabiity at Katahdin Streams, and here we are. Then I pulled into a campsite at 12:30 or so, and had trouble finding the water, and everything is like moving through molasses, and boom! I was setting up my tent. I’m going to try to sleep through it, and get back to every-other-shelter. That deslumped me last time.

Somebody else is already here, at 2:30. 😁 I’m not the only lazy slob on the trail.

Tomorrow: Who the hell knows?

It’s raining, off and on.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

17 thoughts on “1900!”

  1. Remember those t-shirts that displayed the answers to the top 20 questions? You shoulda had one. Pod Save America is going strong. I love old time radio. There are a million of them on iTunes. “Down These Mean Streets” is one of my favorite collections of detective stories. They were written for the ear, so it’s fun to play one at bedtime. There’s another called “A Way with Words,” light harted word play. The last is “Back Story,” about the history behind contemporary events.

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  2. Ok. Don’t be calling my friend lazy! Karma is way far from lazy! Just having a recession. It happens when you are close to the end of anything. When I gave my teams 10 sprints at the end of practice, they were tired at 8. If I gave them 15, they were tired at 13. You can’t let yourself be tired when you have far to go. When you get close, fatigue sets in. Human nature. You will be ok. Push through. Your are KARMA! Eat dinner by yourself for a while. Blow off the question askers. Kick ass. Rest. Then kick ass again. You are KARMA!!! I can taste the Panera coffee. I think we start with Starbucks!

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  3. Hey Linda, you don’t know me, but I work with your sister. I read your blog from your first thru hike when you were doing it, cheering you on all the way from afar. A week ago, I came across the old bookmark, and decided to check up, and saw you were doing it again! I’m only into June on your posts, but you are amazing, and I know you have this! I can’t wait to get to the end, and see your smiling face on Mt. Katahdin! Sending love and positivity.❤️


  4. When I brag to others about my cousin Linda, I suppose I am at an advantage in many ways; few really understand the entire process well enough to ask many questions, and it becomes apparent quickly that I probably couldn’t answer them anyway.
    So mention what you doing, and we quickly arrive at “Wow…”
    Rock on, Cuz. I know it’s not the reason you’re on the trail, but even folks who barely understand are inspired by you.


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