Baldpate: big wet heap o’ slab

Mile 1935.1
Andover, MaineHuman-Nature Hostel

Stormy night, with bonus thunder. Did crazy-ass Baldpate in the rain. Descending Baldpate was the NOBO version of the SOBO Arm. And crawling, literally, up a mile-high mountain of slab in the rain was terrifying, and bruising.

I’ll be at the hostel for two nights, all things remaining equal.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

6 thoughts on “Baldpate: big wet heap o’ slab”

    1. This hostel’s new. It’s quite an experience. 😁 I’ll write about it.

      Last time, I think I’d fallen on my face and thought my nose was broken. I quit. I called the guy at Pine Ellis and told him I wanted a ride to an airport, and he refused! He told me to take two zeroes then get back out and finish. Saved my hike, that guy did. 👍😀

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