Moody Blues

Updating mostly because I saw a tiny frog. Frogs +1! I’ll start putting the animal score at the end if I spot sonething. Frogs have taken the lead!

Short mileage continues. Today, 10 hours for 8.5 miles. But that included two steep mountains with some technical bits: Moody and Old Blue. I may actually have a problem… but I think I’m OK. I’d like to get 12 miles minimum, but I need help from the trail to do that (eg, some good hiking amid all this crazy vertical rock climbing and deep swampy bogs). Also, I’m pretty sure I left the hostel with 7 or 8 days of food, which is a massive carry. Every time I eat, my pack gets a little lighter and I can hopefully cover an increasing amount of ground.

Last night something smallish, some ground animal, ran past my tent at midnight. Skunk? Raccoon? Fox? Porcupine? That sort of thing creeps me out. Tonight I couldn’t make it to the shelter, so I’m stealthed. Fingers crossed that the animals all ignore me.

There was supposed to be thunder, rain, and hail last night. I heard thunder in the distance but it didn’t rain a drop at the shelter. Let’s hope tonight stays clear!

Tomorrow: Nothing major, I don’t think. Bemis Mountain, but I’m already halfway up. I’m trying for a shelter 12 miles away. Fingers crossed!

Saw a guy today, Bunny, whom I haven’t seen since the NOC. And did I mention I saw Raven and Happy Dance at the hostel? Haven’t seen them since Virginia—that day with the prescribed burn.

Only saw a couple of people today (although three NOBOs and one SOBO have passed my tent since I set up). That’s always weird. I think I must be past the SOBO bubble, although there were a few at the hostel, and I’m also seeing flippers.


Frogs: 18Red salamanders (efts): 14
Snakes: 8 [2 rattlesnakes]
Turtles: 6

Moose: 0

Bears: 7 (2 Shenandoah, 2 New Jersey, 1 Connecticut, 2 Vermont)
Wild turkeys: 1
Deer: a lot
Rabbits: yes
Grouse: chatty